Friday, 3 June 2011

vicar school

Slight change of life plan: I shall be moving to a new city this autumn to start vicar school, with a view to being ordained in the Church of England. I expect to be there for two years on a full time residential course, the exact details still to be decided.
Currently frantically studying all the stuff all the really holy people probably know already. Till yesterday, I used to think postmodernism had Foucault to do with theology.


GloryintheMorning said...


I LOVED your comment (on Melissa's comment) on Beauty Tips for Ministry. You made me snort, you wicked lady. Brava.

I'd love to talk to you about your novel, since I spent my sabbatical this spring writing one, too. It was my own private NaNoWri(3)Mo. Would you like to compare notes and make a new clergy friend over here in the U.S.?

Joan of Quark said...

HI there,

I am planning to blog a bit more about my writing process in the next few weeks. What is your magnum opus about?

I read BTFM more as an aspirational 'purchase' than in the realistic hope I'll acquire an actual sense of style at this advanced age, but it has given me a few ideas.